The “Live in RVA” Series: featuring the Historic Fan District

The Fan, so named for the streets that fan out from Belvidere to the Boulevard, south of Broad Street and north of Cary Street, is the neighborhood at the heart of Richmond, Virginia. The original suburb of downtown, rich in history, interesting architecture and elegance, The Fan is a wonderful walkable community with restaurants and shops galore.

Abundant in diverse living options from historic mansions on Monument Avenue to apartments for VCU students throughout, the Fan provides a living situation for everyone.


In fact, I was a VCU student with a Fan apartment…twice. My first apartment was a two bedroom on North Boulevard at Grace Street and then I lived in an awesome three bedroom on Monument Avenue close to Davis Avenue during round one of college. How convenient to be able to walk over to Robinson Street for basically everything a college student needs…food and beer. Who remembers the original Buddy’s? But mostly, it was great to be able to bike to class and to the library and have such accessibility without having to drive anywhere.

Round two of college, I was a single mom living in an amazing English basement apartment on W. Franklin where we could walk to daycare, and then walk or bike to class. This time my perspective was different and I was amazed that the same neighborhood that provided such a great “college single” experience, also was a great place to raise a child with parks and playgrounds and an awesome elementary school with a soccer league.

More pluses of living in the Fan:

  1. Walk to the Christmas Parade
  2. Walk to the Easter Parade
  3. Walk to the Monument Ave 10k

I mean, isn’t that enough?


The Fan offers something for all spending plans. Right now, you can find a two million dollar listing on Monument Avenue, a condo listed in the 140s on Allen Avenue and everything in between.  Looking for a multifamily property? There are a few of those on the market as well. Let’s take a look at the home that fits your needs.



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