How to Sell your Home: Marketing to the Right Buyers!

Creating a marketing piece that attracts the right buyers should not be overlooked in the listing process. Start with a little reflection. Think back to when you first looked at this home and what attracted you to it. What memories do you have here? What’s your favorite thing about living here? Capture the essence of all those feelings so that you can tell the story of your home in a way that others can share that experience with you.

Your home listing will share your sentiments, coupled with professional photos and video footage that will create the story that makes your home stand out to the right buyer.

Beyond your local MLS, you should market your home on the various social media platforms. The key here is to make sure that people are engaged with the posting and taking the time to read the well-worded description and click on the photos and video. Then they will be more likely to take the next steps and make an appointment for a showing.

We can ensure buyer engagement through two direct means. One is Timing and the other is Specificity.

Time your post to appear on the days of the week and at the specific time that most people are checking their social media. You may have to experiment with this a bit to find the best time that you experience engagement, such as likes and comments. I’ve found that a good deal of comments appear in the evenings when people are home and have time to read through their social media accounts. Looking at homes isn’t always something they feel comfortable doing at work, so many people will wait until evenings and weekends to fully read these types of posts. It’s important to pay attention and adapt your strategy so that you get your home listing in front of more of the right people.

The second is to be specific in your posts. Create posts that feature a specific aspect of the home. Make a post about the location and walkability and great running close by to your home. Then the next one you can focus on that brand new roof you just had installed. Or highlight the functionality of your kitchen and entertaining value of your home. Each post may speak to a different unique feature of your home that may resonate with your buyer.

Your Realtor will also be able to post to Realtor facing websites and social media that are specific to the buyers best suited for your property. And, your Realtor will have access to other professionals who may also share your listing with appropriate buyers.

Marketing a home is multi-faceted and a trusted Real Estate Expert will ensure that your listing is shared with more of the right, qualified buyers. Gone are the days of listing in the MLS and waiting. Actively marketing your home is the key to fewer days on market and successfully closed transactions.


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