The Live in RVA Series: Cozy 2 Bedroom Bungalows in Maymont

Yes, that’s right, there are cozy 2 bedroom bungalows right here in RVA! Perfect for a starter home for a single, a couple or a family. Also perfect for a downsize. Or for a grad student. And works wonderfully as a rental property. Who wouldn’t want one?

I took a drive over to the Maymont, Byrd Park and Randolph areas of the city. For my fellow runner friends, that’s where the Frostbite 15k starts and ends. You know, where the streets are named after states! What an incredible area within walking distance of Maymont and Byrd Parks and super close to the entrance to the North Bank trail and Texas Beach.

I know what some of you are thinking: Where is Texas Beach?!? Well, at the end of Texas Street, of course! Richmond has many treasures that it takes a lifetime to see, but this one is worth taking the drive to find it.

Maymont Historic Estate Entrance, Byrd Park Lakes, and Entrance to the Northbank Trail

Why live in this neighborhood? Obviously, because you can walk to parks, so it’s great for humans and pets alike. But also, because it is incredibly affordable. Park your car in the Northbank parking lot, or at Maymont, and start exploring by foot. You will see an eclectic blend of housing styles for sure, and you will see some reconstruction going on. But, you won’t miss the cozy 2 bedroom bungalows. So quaint, and with great yard space. You’ll picture yourself grilling on your back patio after a day frolicking on the trails and finishing up with a concert at Maymont or at the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater.

I could go on, but why read about it when we can take a look inside? These homes don’t last long at this price point in this sought after area so give me a call today and we’ll check one out for YOU!

Cozy 2 bedroom bungalows in the Maymont neighborhood of Richmond, VA


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