How to Sell Your Home: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

We’d be hard pressed to find a moment in our lives when we didn’t have any misgivings in our decision making processes! This is especially true when we’re talking about selling homes. For most people, a home is a special place that they’ve invested in, emotionally and financially, and it can be difficult to leave that home behind, even when they know it isn’t the right fit for their lives anymore.

At some point, we have to remove the emotional component from the situation for clarity. Start by recording a list of reasons for staying in your current home. Then, complete a list of reasons to move into your dream home. Take a look at your two lists and recognize the great things you’re missing now that a new home could provide for you!

Few people who I’ve meet with are 100% sure they want to buy or sell, or to move. But they bring it up in conversation, they invite me over for a meeting, so clearly they are thinking about it. Here are some sample excuses:

  • I’m too busy
  • My spouse/partner wants to sell, but I’m not sure I’m ready
  • I’m not sure we can afford it
  • We’re looking for a unicorn (trust me, everyone thinks this)
  • The thought of moving paralyzes me

Which excuse is yours? Say it out loud, embrace it, own it and then get over it! The sooner you face your own objections, the sooner you can overcome them and move forward instead of staying in the same place. (Of course I mean that figuratively, but it plays nicely literally also.)

You’ve decided to take the next step to your future home. Is it better to sell your existing home first or should you focus your efforts on finding your perfect home? That’s a great question that can only truly be answered by your trusted mortgage professional. That person will tell you whether or not you can carry two mortgages. She/he will also tell you what price you can afford in a home, so you can see why this is a crucial first step in the home selling and buying process.

Deciding to move your home is a huge decision for sure, but with the help of professionals who do this everyday, we can get you over the hurdles and watch you sail to the finish line! Call your lender, call me and let us help you overcome your own objections so that you can wake up in your dream home…sooner rather than later!


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