How to Sell Your Home: Selecting a Real Estate Expert

Did you realize there are roughly 184 steps involved in selling your home?

It’s important to select the right professional to guide you through this process, someone who understands your needs, your home and who your buyer is. Here’s a list of qualities you should be looking for.

Your Realtor should:

  1. Be someone you know and trust to represent you and your family in what may be the most substantial transaction of your life.
  2. Be someone who understands your needs by actively listening to you. Rather than spending all of your time talking about themselves, your Realtor should be listening to you to find out how they can provide the best service for you.
  3. Provide you with a market analysis of relevant properties that provides an accurate representation of the current marketplace.
  4. Communicate with you often. Providing an open line of effective communication with you the way YOU want to communicate, whether it be via phone, text or email.
  5. Understand online marketing strategies and have a plan to attract the right buyer for your home.
  6. Have a business acumen that makes them an expert contract writer and a skilled negotiator.
  7. Be the source of the source for all of your home selling and buying needs.

Once you’ve selected your trusted real estate professional, you can move on to the next step and get your home ready for the market!


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