How To Sell Your Home: What does a Real Estate Professional Charge for her Services?

When you are selling your home, you hire the listing agent as your professional real estate advisor, who will guide you to get your home ready for the market, help you come up with a price, and market your home to the right buyer. A great agent will become your trusted advisor beyond that initial transaction.

The listing agent will negotiate with you a brokerage fee which is paid to the listing brokerage. That brokerage will, in turn, pay a percentage to the buyer agent’s brokerage and pay your agent as well.

As you can see, the commission that the seller pays covers both agents involved in the transaction. The seller is paying for the services of their agent and in addition paying for the buyer’s agent for bringing their client. Of course that means that this seller will not be responsible for commissions on the home that they are purchasing, provided they are buying a home listed by a professional.

Why do you need a professional? It’s simple really. We could write a list to substantiate the tasks involved, but the main reason you hire a Realtor, is because you need a trusted expert to handle the tasks involved that you simply don’t have the experience or the resources to complete yourself.

The key is to work with someone you trust, someone who you have a relationship with, and who has demonstrated to you that they will protect your interests. What you gain is peace of mind and a smooth transaction.


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