Home Buying in the Winter Market

Typically when we think about buying a home and the effort of moving, we picture green grass, colorful flower beds, blue skies and sunshine! But a potential drawback of that beautiful scene is that it attracts more people to the market, resulting in bidding wars, long waits for mortgage approvals, home inspections and repairs during this busy time.

In the winter market, however, you may experience less competition for that home of your dreams and avoid the roller coaster ride while waiting for the seller to respond to your offer, making this season a better time for a home search.

Another great reason to search for a home in Richmond right now is because those homes that were listed in late fall, may be taking a price reduction now. The seller may tend to be more flexible with their price when the traffic is slower which is a great advantage for a serious buyer.

Mortgage lenders are not quite as busy now, making them more available to you. And of course, there are tax implications for purchasing a home before the year ends so that you can take advantage of those extra deductions.

The Winter Market welcomes buyers. While the weather outside might seem frightful, the deals may be delightful!

Let’s take a look for your dream home today!


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