It’s Time to Get Back Out There

Hello Potential Home Owners!

I know you’ve been hoping and waiting for this crazy market to subside and I cautiously tell you that it seems that things are holding steady for now! The July stats tell us that the median sale price actually decreased as did the median percent of list price. This is great news for those of us who have been watching and seeing these numbers go up month after month!

It’s especially good news because we are seeing some prices decrease as the market doesn’t present any buyers for them. And that’s for good reason. Buyers have gotten tired of being turned down over and over. And with interest rates rising (although still historically low), they haven’t had the same zest to offer their highest and best without leaving any room for negotiating.

Our market here in RVA has plenty of options for home buyers with lots of new construction and plenty of older resales that have been renovated or at the very least, updated.

If you are patient, or even if you’re not, I am ready to help put you in a good position to present a strong offer on your future home. Spending the last couple of years navigating this volatile market has given me the skills to negotiate the best possible deal for you.

It’s a great time to schedule a showing and see what the current inventory looks like. Maybe we can find the right fit for you or maybe it will come in a few more months, but your home is out there.

Call me and let’s chat about your wish list and find that home you’ve been waiting for!

Judith (804) 387-4834


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