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My wife and I are both Virginia architects and have long wanted to design and build our private residence here in Richmond. We spent years looking for a suitable lot and found that it’s a much more difficult process than it would seem to find a buildable lot, at the right price, where one can build a house of one’s own design.

Fortunately, I’m a marathon runner so when I learned that our marathon training team coach Judith was in real estate, we decided to get serious about our search for a lot and signed on with her as a buyer’s agent. We needed a lot not too far from our beautiful granddaughter, with a good solar aperture, and where we could walk out the door and run, bike, or walk. Judith gave our search her full attention and went the extra mile to negotiate with owners whose lots were not for sale but which we identified as interesting lots. Finding such a lot that meets our requirements is more of a marathon than a sprint, but with Judith’s help we did find and close on just such a lot.

Judith handled all the details of negotiation and closing very professionally so everything went smoothly. All that’s left to do now is design and build our house!

As with any professional, trust and confidence in one’s realtor is key to a successful working relationship. We’re looking forward to building and moving into our new house and having Judith list and sell our current house.

Norbert and Marion

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