Live in RVA: But where?

A few weeks ago, I was at an event where everyone went around the room to introduce themselves and NO ONE in the room was from Richmond, besides me! I thought that was CRAZY, so it prompted me to inquire more from people who I meet and from people who I already know and do you know what I quickly discovered? A ton of people move to Richmond for a wide variety of reasons and a whole lot of people choose a place to live without any prior knowledge of our great River City. Mind blowing for this Native Richmonder.

Knowing that I carry all of this knowledge of the history of what we call the Greater Richmond Area and the many connections that I have made over the years, it seems I should share. I’m like your Great Grandmother who can weave a story about every object lying around her house. Except my house is all of RVA! And not only do I have stories, but I can help you decide what area fits your lifestyle. Where to live if you want to be in middle of it all, or tucked far away, or somewhere in between? I can help you solve these riddles. Do you wonder where you can live and walk to a juice bar? A local coffee shop? Happy hour? Do you want to live in an established neighborhood or are you in for “up and coming”? Fixer upper? New construction? Historic home? Want to get up and go for a run without driving anywhere? Or bike? The list goes on.

Pick any area and I have run past, driven past, had a friend who lived there, known a guy who knew a gal who ran a business there, worked there, lived there myself, my Dad put out a fire there, my parents lived there when they first got married, my relative lived there, we used to own land over there… You get the idea. I have a connection. I know the vibe and I can help you find the right fit that will help you love the Richmond area even more, in your forever home, whether it be in the city or in the counties.

It seems unfair to keep all of these stories to myself, so I’m going to share them. Stay tuned here to read more about areas to live in, anecdotes about my personal connections and most importantly, what may speak to you about the area, so that you find your special place to settle into, here in our lovely town, RVA.


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