Real Estate and Love for RVA Collide!

I have always been in love with this city. I remember as a young girl helping my Dad with all of his side hustles. He was a city firefighter so on his “off” days he always had some type of business he was working and in the summer, he had to allow me to tag along. We went into a lot of interesting homes in parts of the city I had never seen. Crossing the James River was a major event back then for a “north side” of the river dweller.

I have stories about Richmond. I have seen it suffer. I have seen it recover. I have seen it grow. Richmond is more than a former Capital of the Confederacy. The Greater Richmond area is home to approximately 1.3 million people of all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicities, religions and spiritual beliefs. It is a broad, diverse community with something for everyone. There’s a place here for everyone to call home.

There have been 2 events in my adult life that have further shaped my feelings about Richmond.

  1. Becoming a Runner
  2. Launching my Realtor career

“What?”, you say! Let me explain.

When I started running, I thought I knew all of the nooks and crannies in Richmond. Again with my Dad. As a firefighter and explorer, we never took the Interstate. We took everyone back road in the city to get to any destination. It was like a challenge for my Dad to figure out the best way to navigate to any given location. He loved driving and he seemed to get a thrill from being on the verge of getting lost and finding the destination.

So, I thought I knew all the backroads. But I didn’t know all the running routes and I didn’t know what the James River had to offer. It started when I began running local races which took me places I had only driven. Then when I joined the Marathon Training Team, we would meet at Sports Backers Stadium and run east, west, north and south through the streets, across the bridges, under bridges, through trails, Wow! I learned even more about the neighborhoods that surround the James River.

#2. Becoming a Realtor has made an impact as I have my fingers on the pulse of the housing market every day. Over the course of my first year, I would pick an area, check the MLS for what is on the market, and drive over there and check out what the area has to offer to potential home buyers.

Let’s combine #1 and #2. I am going to boldly state that I know the best areas of town to live in to be able to walk out of your front door and begin your run!

Enter On Foot RVA. This is how I’m combining my passions to offer a service to future or current Richmond residents who want to find the best place to live and run and be able to enjoy an active lifestyle in areas that welcome that type of lifestyle.

I’m teaming up with other local businesses to offer a Running Experience on Eventbrite and through Airbnb. If you’ve ever been on a run with me, you know that I have a story for every area we pass, or a tidbit about the history of a building, etc… I am a valuable resource for anyone moving to the area or relocating within the area and would love the opportunity to help others fall in love with RVA!

So, spread the word! There’s a unique experience available to adventurous runners to see the best of RVA and learn about how we came to be this great River City, and where you can run AND live to take it all in!


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